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Cognitive Impairment and Falls: Understanding how Dementia Contributes to Falls

New research provides avenues to understand how physical movement is affected by cognitive impairment. Even subtle cognitive changes such as Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) significantly impact balance and movement. Certain dementias are associated with motor impairment, which increases fall risk. There are specific behavioral issues, personality factors and care issues that need to be recognized as fall risks. Comprehensive fall risk assessment and strategies for management are incorporated into this presentation.

Guest Speaker-Dr. Ann Morrison, PhD,RN

Dr. Morrison is a former Johns Hopkins School of Medicine faculty member and director of their Alzheimer’s Treatment and Memory Center Caregiver Family Program. Dr. Morrison is an internationally recognizrd expert on brain health, dementia and caregiving whose down-to-earth presentation style endears to her audience.

No CEU credits available.

Light refreshments provided, space is limited.

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