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Caring for your loved one is easier with support

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Caring for your loved one is easier with support

The Village at Rockville—A National Lutheran Community is pleased to partner with Jenerations Health Education to provide complimentary virtual seminars to support you in your caregiving journey. Please click on the link below to sign up for one or all of these opportunities. Contact Admissions Manager, Rochelle Clarke with questions,


Coping with family estrangements in dementia caregiving

Tuesday, October 5 | 3-4 p.m.

Sadly, family estrangements happen frequently. Sometimes the rift occurs because of distance or misunderstandings. In other cases, there are more serious abandonment or betrayal issues involved. When family members begin caring for a loved one with dementia, old hurts can bubble to the surface while new ones develop. Stepfamily drama, adult sibling rivalry, martyr syndrome, toxic parent/child relationships from prior generations and dysfunctional family patterns will be explored. This down-to-earth discussion will focus on helping family caregivers in identifying the best options for dealing with family estrangements while ensuring quality care for their older loved ones who have dementia.

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When nobody else gets it: dealing with people who don’t understand the dementia diagnosis

Tuesday, November 9 | 3-4 p.m.

“Mom seems fine to me,” says your sister who lives in another part of the country. “She’s not fine! She can’t even remember our names half the time,” you reply. “You are not alone.” This exasperating conversation occurs in families just like yours on a daily basis. Join us for this interactive program on how to handle people in your life who just don’t understand your loved one’s diagnosis.

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