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Safe Dining

All dining venues are following current recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control as well as recommendations provided by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. During an active outbreak, in which in-person dining is not permitted, assisted living and health care residents and guests have their meals delivered directly to their room. Residents in independent living may order and have meals delivered to their cottage or apartment home. 

ConnectedLiving Opportunities 

ConnectedLiving is The Village at Rockville’s programs and activities department. During the COVID-19 pandemic they have worked hard to keep resident active and engaged. During active outbreaks, many programs have been available virtually. They also have arranged small, in-person gatherings (where everyone is masked and socially distanced) as well as outdoor activities such as exercise classes. 

Social Engagement 

In addition to ConnectedLiving activities, ConnectedLiving team also ensures health care and assisted living residents and guests have the opportunity to visit with their families, whether in-person, virtually or through our patio doors. Many programs are offered in a way that residents can safely socialize, such as hallway Bingo or independent living outdoor, socially distanced happy hours. 

Health Check Ins 

Residents and guests in our health care center and assisted living are symptom screened twice daily for COVID-19 symptoms. While independent living residents are responsible for symptom screening themselves, they are always able to receive support through our Care Center or with our partner, myPotential at Home–A National Lutheran Service. If we suspect any resident in independent living or any level of care may have COVID-19, we can arrange for testing. For health care, residents will be temporarily moved to our secure, quarantine neighborhood. Independent living residents will receive guidance around quarantine expectations. 

Frequent Cleaning and Sanitation 

Residents and team members at The Village at Rockville always have access to hand sanitizer, soap and water. Our Environmental Services team disinfects all the common areas multiple times a day, as well as between family visits. We are also utilizing the most recent technology including: 

  • Using a Clorox 360 electrostatic cleaning system, which kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses (including COVID-19) in five seconds, inhibits the growth of mold and mildew for up to seven days and safely disinfects and sanitizes food service areas. 
  • All apartment homes and common areas utilize MERV-13 air filers, which capture airborne viruses and bacteria from coughs and sneezes
  • In Glenmere, we have installed bi-polar ionization technology, which protects against viruses, bacteria and dust particles in all common areas 

Exemplifying We CARE 

We CARE–The National Lutheran Way is the cornerstone of the way our team delivers service and care. CARE stands for: Create smiles, Attend to details, Respect Everyone and Embody excellence. 

All team members at The Village at Rockville are utilizing the recommended PPE based on the department they work in, and current regulations from the state and local Departments of Health. This can include surgical face masks (worn when the community is not in an outbreak), N95 or KN95 masks, gowns, gloves, googles and face shields. 

Team members are also practicing regular hand hygiene throughout their day. Each team member is required to wash their hands or use sanitizer before they interact with a resident or guest. If a team member has to enter a residence, whether independent living, assisted living or health care, they will knock on the door and wait to enter until the resident has had the opportunity to put on their mask. 

Depending on the positivity rate of Montgomery County and whether or not the community is in a current outbreak, team members may be tested weekly. If a team member tests positive, they are quarantined at home for two weeks. We also perform contact tracing to determine each individual team members who tested positive have had contact with. Team members are also required to alter leadership if they have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19. Lastly, team members are provided regular guidance from leadership, based on CDC and health department recommendations about what activities are safe to partake in outside of work hours.