The Village at Rockville COVID-19 Dashboard

Updated 5/24/2020 3:53 p.m. ET

On Thursday, May 21, The Village at Rockville performed an audit among state and internal reports and the COVID-19 dashboard. This resulted in the adjustment of the COVID-19 dashboard to reflect the data as found in the state and internal reports. 

  Long-term &
Short-Term Care
Resident active cases of COVID-19 11 1 0
Resident recovered cases of COVID-19 19 3 0
Resident on-set symptoms pending COVID-19 test results 1 0 0
Resident deaths associated with COVID-19 9 0 0
Team member active cases of COVID-19
(across all services lines)
Team member on-set symptoms pending COVID-19 test results (across all services lines) 0