Hospice services in Rockville, Md.

A comprehensive team devoted to comfort and care.

At The Village at Rockville, Md., when a loved one faces the last months or days of life, our hospice services offer residents and their families all-encompassing support. Our team of doctors and nurses help with pain, nausea, breathing problems and other symptoms.

Counselors and social workers guide residents through the stages of an illness and prepare them for the difficult conversations they face. Chaplains help people of all faiths find answers. If home hospice care is required, hospice volunteers run errands, perform household tasks and give family caregivers a much-needed break. Bereavement counselors will stand by you as you deal with grief for more than a year, should your loved one pass away.

Our hospice partners, Montgomery Hospice & Holy Cross, work with us to provide sensitivity, knowledge, and comfort for the many aspects of caring for your beloved family member. Our team can provide hospice services in a health care setting or in your home. We’re there for you, 24/7.

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