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National Lutheran Communities & Services Reaffirms Commitment to The Village at Providence Point

July 14, 2023

— Despite Claims by Lone Opposition Group, Environmental Measures Will Improve Waters of Crab Creek and Protect 124 Acres of Forest Forever —

National Lutheran Communities & Services (NLCS) vowed today to continue its fight for The Village at Providence Point in Annapolis, despite a recent court filing by a small group called the Crab Creek Conservancy asking for judicial review of the Annapolis Planning Commission’s April 26 Supplemental Opinion and Order clarifying and affirming its approval of the project.

After more than a decade of review and a unanimous vote for approval by the Annapolis Planning Commission, The Village at Providence Point is designed to minimize environmental impacts and includes extensive environmental site design and stormwater management features that were cited by the Planning Commission as “likely to set a new standard for environmental responsibility within the City.” These include 86 distinct bioretention facilities as well as replanted trees, preserved non-tidal wetlands, and restored stream corridors that will improve the quality of the waters flowing into Crab Creek. Plans also call for approximately 62,000 square feet of green roof and 14,500 square feet of porous paving.

In addition, a conservation easement and restrictive deed covenants guarantee protection for 124 forested acres and will preserve 143 acres from development.

“We believe that the current plans and commitments from NLCS would make this senior-only development a model in sustainable development and Smart Growth,” Gerald Winegrad, president of Concerned Citizens for Proper Land Use, Inc., said in an earlier statement of support withdrawing CCPLU’s former objections to The Village at Providence Point plans.

“While we have vigorously fought various iterations for development of the site for a decade, the current plans meet or exceed all that we have asked of the developers,” he wrote. “The commitments and changes made are remarkable and have been agreed upon by all parties including the Scenic Rivers Land Trust for the easement.”

The Village at Providence Point will include a number of environmental protection features, including:

  • A total of 97 forested acres will remain untouched, and 124 acres of existing forest will be protected forever.
  • Stormwater management plans will prevent any increase in the rate, volume, or pollutant loads from a 25-year storm event.
  • NLCS has agreed to remediate stormwater pollution from a stormwater channel from Annapolis Middle School to under Spa Road at a cost of $500,000.
  • All future development rights would be extinguished through a conservation easement and restrictive deed covenants that will protect the environment for future generations.

In a letter to the editor appearing in The Capital and calling The Village at Providence Point “a model project,” former Maryland Governor Parris N. Glendening noted that “forest conservation goals have been achieved for 100% reforestation so the 124 acres there now will remain protected; stormwater management will likely improve Crab Creek water quality with the restored stream channel; and through easements and deed restrictions all land outside the development footprint will be protected from future development with few minor exceptions.”

“…I would not support a project that did harm to our environment,” Glendening wrote. “That is why I am very pleased the protection of the trees and forest land is an extraordinary part of The Village at Providence Point plan…To permanently protect such a large tract in the city limits is truly remarkable.”

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