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A spectacular quality of life.

Comments from our residents and family members say it best.

The best way to get to know our community is by hearing from the people who have experienced it.

As a pastor for 37 years, I have been in and out of nursing homes and hospitals, including some famous, highly-rated ones in Boston. The best nursing care I have seen is in myPotential Rehabilitation at The Village at Rockville. I hope and pray that this fine institution can continue to hire and train compassionate and competent staff like the ones who cared for my wife. The employees who cared for my wife were professional, competent, and full of goodwill. Keep up the fine work you are doing. The results that you are achieving speaks volumes!Rev. David M., husband of myPotential Rehabilitation guest
We have never been more content! Wonderful neighbors and staff, rich and abundant choice of activities, good care at reasonable prices. We feel deeply blessed to be living independently at The Village at Rockville.Carolyn & Tom, Independent Living Residents
What can a daughter say to a group of people who have saved her mother’s life? ‘Thank you’ just can’t express the feeling that I have for you all. My mom is happy, healthy and thriving; and I sleep at night. I am grateful for the care you give her each day; but even more so for the kind of people you are who care and love her.Marilyn, Daughter of a Resident
I am a big fan and loved being here at myPotential Rehabilitation at The Village at Rockville. I was very, very pleased with everything. The people were the very best – caring, friendly, warm and professional. So far, I have written nine moments of delights and have a few more to go. I love the rooms, the food and mostly the staff. I would recommend myPotential Rehabilitation and The Village at Rockville to anyone I meet. I have four artificial joints and have been in different rehabs – so I know! I truly appreciate all of you and all my care.Joanne G., myPotential Rehabilitation Guest
Thank you for all you did to help my father and our family in the decision-making process for his health care needs. You gave us invaluable information and listened intently to our preferences and needs. Moreover, you never rushed us with the many questions we had, and you educated us on our choices and the medical/insurance systems. We want you to know that we really appreciated your dedication and devotion to helping our family. Your sincere compassion and interest in doing everything you could for us was amazing.Written to a social worker from Jean, Daughter of a Resident
My wife was admitted to The Village at Rockville as a short-term rehabilitation guest after being hospitalized with bacterial meningitis. After 44 days of myPotential rehab, she was discharged. By that time she was able to walk using a walker, eat and speak, was independent and mentally alert. Almost a miracle for an 80-year-old! Post-discharge, she walks without the need for any support and enjoys a good quality of life. None of this would have been possible without the outstanding care and assistance she received from The Village at Rockville staff. Our experience reflects most creditably on the professionalism and expertise of the staff.Philip, Husband of a myPotential Rehabilitation guest
When I moved here from New Jersey, I felt at home right away. All the residents went out of their way to introduce themselves to me, and the staff did everything possible to ease my transition. I became involved in many of the activities and met residents who have become friends.Charlotte, Independent Living Resident
As a frequent, almost daily visitor, I have come to admire and appreciate the quality of the staff employed by The Village at Rockville and find that whether it is the front desk receptionist, nurses, or other employees, the quality of care and respect throughout the building given to all residents is outstanding. The Chapel is welcoming to all residents and provides additional comfort and reassurance. The peace of mind that my brothers and I feel knowing that mother is being cared for in a safe and caring environment is beyond all expectations. As a retired RN, I can truly appreciate the efforts of everyone and the challenges that are required in caring for the elderly population.Carol, Richard & Thomas, Children of a Resident
Recovery from my knee replacement surgery at The Village at Rockville has been a wonderful experience. Staff was always ready to go the extra mile. The smiles and warm greetings made for a very pleasant atmosphere. Care was given tenderly and with encouragement, just like an enthusiastic family. Mildred, myPotential Rehabilitation Guest
I wish to express my sincere thanks and gratitude for the care given to my mother. She lived in independent living for many years before she transitioned into skilled nursing for at least 10 years. During that period, I cannot begin to estimate how many times I have visited there and have never been anything but pleased with the treatment and care that she received over the years. My mother was 93 years old and I credit her longevity to The Village at Rockville for providing her with nursing assistance that excels all others.Jean, Daughter of a Resident