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Ways to Give.

Creative ways to share your gifts through planned giving.

A gift of property by will. The most common of all deferred-giving plans
Appreciated Securities
(Stocks, bonds, mutual funds) allow you to take a deduction for the current fair market value on the date
of the gift and avoid capital gains tax. In order to take a deduction for gifts of securities at their
current value you must have owned the securities for a year and a day. Such gifts generally are
deductible up to 30 percent of adjusted gross income in the year of the gift.
Donor Advised Funds:

Make a gift of $10,000 or more and you will receive an immediate tax deduction for the gift and each year
advise the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) Foundation of the ministries you wish to
receive distributions from that fund. In addition to your Donor Advised Fund, assets have the capacity
to grow in value, thereby allowing you to give more to the ministries of your choice. Other
organizations, such as the Lutheran Community Foundation (Minneapolis, Minnesota) and community
foundations, are also able to establish Donor Advised Funds that can benefit NLCS and its member communities.

Retirement Account Gifts:

When they are used for charitable gifts from one’s estate, IRAs, 401(k)s, 403(b)s may be a wise choice.
They can often be less valuable to heirs (who may pay taxes) than charities or ministries of the church
(not subject to income or estate taxes). Using these assets for deferred charitable gifts means that
heirs may be able to inherit more valuable and tax-favored assets.

Real Estate Gift Options:

Whether your real estate is grand or humble, in the city or in the country, considering this asset for a
charitable gift for a ministry of the church is worthwhile. While many choose to use real estate for an
outright gift now, others use this asset to create a gift that provides lifetime payments.

Charitable Gift Annuity:

You make a cash or securities gift and that gift provides you with annual (or quarterly payments) for the
remainder of your life. A minimum gift of $10,000 is required. Rates, based on age, are fixed for life.

Deferred Payment Charitable Gift Annuity:

You donate an irrevocable gift of $10,000 or more of cash or marketable securities

Charitable Remainder Trust:

This trust gives you the option to choose who will receive annual payments for life or a specified term
of years. Minimum gift of $100,000 is necessary. You may use real estate and/or other appreciated assets.

Charitable Life Estate Agreement:

With this agreement, you irrevocably deed ownership in your mortgage- free residence to The
Village at Rockville and receive, in return, a charitable deduction for the value of your home and
maintain a lifetime right to live there; however, you remain responsible for maintenance, insurance and

Testamentary Charitable Remainder Unitrust:

Use designated funds from your estate or qualified retirement plans of at least $100,000 to set up a
testamentary charitable remainder unitrust for individual income beneficiaries of
your choosing.

Life Insurance:

You can use life insurance as gift vehicle by requesting a change of beneficiary form from your insurance
provider or representative.

Payable on Death Note (POD):

This revocable arrangement of assets helps you make a gift to your favorite ministry upon death.

Contact Alice Benson, Director of Philanthropy, at 301-354-8422 to discuss one or more of these creative ways to give.